Product Description


AVE TPMS T100 is designed to provide you with extra protection while driving. The device informs you of tire pressure and tire temperature and immediately notifies you of any problems such as a low or fast leak. Once it detects any irregularity in the tires' pressure and/or temperature, it will immediately sound an alarm and flash on the LCD display to notify the driver.


Receiver specifications 


Operating Voltage

         18V to 30V

Operating Temperature

        -20oC to 85oC

Monitored Temperature

        -40oC to100oC



Sensor specitifations



Battery life

         Estimated 3 to 5 year (under normal operating condition)

Battery voltage


Storage Temperature

        -55oC to 125oC

Operating Temperature

        -40oC to 125oC

Temperature Resolution


Pressure range

         700kPa (Car), 1400kPa (Truck)

Pressure Resolution

         2.66kPa (Car), 5.5kPa (Truck)

Operating Humidity


Operating Frequency

         434 MHz


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