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The JC400 is the ideal companion for daily driving and long-distance travel. As a dual-channel dash cam, it has a front camera to record what is happening on the road, and a detached cabin-facing camera that records every detail inside the car. As an integrated product, this product features live tracking and video capture, G-sensor, emergency calls, and more, making it the perfect choice to deter crime, record bad motorists, and resolve disputes resulting from traffic accidents more quickly.



4G LTE Communication Standards

It is able to communicate via 2G/3G/4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth


Dual Channel Recording

The integrated camera unit and the remote inward cabin-view camera can record the conditions of the road ahead and what happens inside the car at the same time.


Real-Time Tracking

The video recorder can be used as a tracker to locate the vehicle and collect and upload data such as speed and time in real-time.


Event Video to Cloud

Videos triggered by a collision, vibration, SOS, and other conditions will be auto uploaded to the cloud.


Driving Behavior Analysis

The dashcam can detect the driver's dangerous driving practices such as hard acceleration, harsh braking, etc.


Panic Button

This enables the